Music and Movement Education For ALL Hawaiʻi's Children

We are an organization of Hawai'i teachers and administrators dedicated to bringing the joy of music to Hawai'i's children.



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Orff-Schulwerk is a way to teach and learn the elements of music, based on the teachings of Carl Orff. This process integrates speech, singing, movement, body percussion and instrumental playing. There is a place for every child in Orff-Schulwerk, and each can contribute according to his or her ability..



The mission of the Hawai'i Orff-Schulwerk Association is to promote active, creative music and movement education for Hawaii children by providing professional development opportunities in the Orff Schulwerk philosophy and approach for Hawaii's teachers.

We envision a time when:

  • Music and movement education is a valued and integral part of every child's learning;
  • Music and movement classes are taught by specialists in all schools;
  • Classroom teachers confidently and competently include quality music and movement experiences in their instruction;
  • Administrators actively support and promote the music and movement curricula; and
  • Community members take pride in the quality of the statewide music and movement program.